Just wanted to send you this because we are so thankful for all of you.
We love Althorp and are truly blessed to have our children at the school. The education is stimulating for our children’s minds and the teachers with their kind and gentile spirits know how to bring out the best in their daily interaction with them. From the bottom of our hearts.

Pauline and Karl Vanderkuip

When we decided to send our baby (19 months old) to Montessori school, we knew it would be good for her, as we were seeking an education, not a play centre. Not only were we amazed at how much she could actually learn at such a young age, now that she’s going on 6 in her last year at Althorp, she continues to amaze us with her reading, math, and life skills! As impressive as this is the way the teachers at Althorp truly put the best interest of your child first, and are completely invested in bringing your child’s potential to light! We believe that Kali’s Montessori education is an excellent investment in her future!

Johnny & Angela Sacco

Ms. Lovelock has taught all three of our children in the Montessori Setting. She is a caring, empathetic and effective teacher. Her confidence and mastery in the Montessori method allows her to accommodate and modify the learning expectations and experiences for the children, to include some theme-based units, class trips and various other activities that the students enjoy and look forward to. All children’s growth (both socially and academically) is measured on their individual strengths and needs. Ms. Lovelock is a firm teacher who the students love, yet deeply respect. We highly recommend her, and her school to our friends.

Dominique Walvius

Our boys LOVE Althorp Montessori School. As parents, it makes going to work a little easier when you know your children love their environment and are going to get the child-centered education and attention they deserve.

Jenn and Mike Huneault

My husband and I made the best decision enrolling our child, on the recommendation of another parent. The education, independence and confidence our child is showing is well worth the investment and time. Ms. Lovelock and her team of teachers are just amazing. Thank you Althorp Montessori!

Pat and Toni

Mrs. Lovelock and Mrs Piscitelli have taught both our 8 year old Joshua and now our 3 year old son Nikolas. What a wonderful experience this has been. Respect, loving, and discipline, thank you Althorp Montessori.

Erik and Jayne Hansen

Ms. Lovelock has been an instructor to two of my children for the past 3.5 years, and will soon be receiving my youngest child into her program at Althorp Montessori School. I have personally observed the wonderful rapport that Ms. Lovelock has with the children in her care. Her students excel in the organized, yet stimulating, environment that Sally provides and they show great pride in their skills developments and accomplishments. Ms. Lovelock models kindness, curiosity and respect, both in the classroom and in her daily life. These qualities are evident in the interaction of the children in her care, both inside and outside the classroom.

Diana Continenza

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